Important Sketchsheets: Designing Responsive Layouts

Given the constant development and popularity of mobile devices, responsible website design is essential. Unlike designing a static or fixed website, the fluidity and flexibility of a responsive website can make the design process difficult and sometimes almost impossible to visually convey your design ideas successfully.

We are here to help by highlighting some of the most useful and basic tools for Responsive design: pencil and paper. Or, just to be clearer and more precise, sketch sheets for responsive web Design.

You may also want to draw this collection of printable web browser Wireframing templates.


Whether you are a Logo designer, a font designer or a Web designer, Sneakpeekit can serve you as a one-stop solution for all your Sketchsheet needs. First, they offer several mobile mockups that allow you to design responsive websites. In addition, it provides grids that adhere to some of the most popular grid systems/frameworks such as Bootstrap, the less Framework 4 and the semantic grid system.

All the sketch sheets can be downloaded for free, printed and you can also retrieve the PSD templates if you need to convert your grids into graphic templates.

Responsive Web Design Sketchsheets by Jeremy Palford

This set of responsive web design sheets is based on the work of Denise Jacobs. These responsive Web design sketch sheets support different device sizes and can be downloaded for free.

Sketch Interface

Sketch Interface is a series of Free Sketch templates for Web, mobile and tablet devices. The templates are in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed for free. Different sizes are supported, like desktop, iPad, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and many more generic phones.

Responsive Web Design Sketchsheets by James Brocklehurst

This collection of responsive Web Design sketch sheets contains two sets of sheets — first a miniature version, followed by a more detailed set of wireframe image templates with grids. These responsive sketches are based on the ideas of Jeremy Palford (mentioned above). The set can be downloaded for free and also comes with PSD templates.

Responsive Sketchsheets by ZURB

This set of sketch sheets contains both reactive and regular sheets, but you can also download only the reactive sketch sheets as needed. With these sketch sheets you can design for mobile and desktop devices, and even for off-screen content.

Premium Responsive Character Blocks

Reactive Sketch Pad

Responsive Sketch Pad helps you generate cross-platform app ideas and visualize what a specific design prototype will look like across multiple devices.

Responsive Design Sketch Book

The Responsive design Sketch Book comes with “a multi-grid home page for thumbnails of multiple windows”. It has 50 pages, including perforated pages for drawing and sharing, breakpoint notes and pixel dimensions, as well as a cut-out canvas cover.

How about something else?

Yes, seriously. An alternative solution is not bad, is it? I mean, look at all those sketch pads that cost close to$13? Okay, with your own sketchbook or book, Everything is fun and good, but, come on! 1 13 for a few sheets of paper!

How about something basic and modest for a responsive drawing? Something that is really, really, really simple! Something that is probably right next to your computer screen. Something like that … a sheet of A4 paper?

Well, some of you may find this idea strange. So before you take your vacation, I’ll stumble into a quote from Sam Hardacre, put a matter for A4 sheets:

“The best thing about A4 sheets for a responsive sketch, besides being inexpensive, is that a single sheet can be folded several times and give us the basic screen sizes we could design for. The simple A4 sheet can be used to draw a desktop layout, fold it in half, and you have two tablet-sized canvases on which you can draw portrait and landscape layouts, fold three times and have a simple smartphone Canvas to draw”.

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