Design A Logo From Inspiration To Execution

Designing a logo from pure Inspiration, while being precise and representative of the needs of your customers, is one of the most difficult tasks in the world of art and design.

A Logo should embody all aspects of a business, but to achieve it only with small shapes or alphabets requires real skills and experience. Simply put, a Logo should be the simplest and most concise representation of a company, and for this you need to use the “3 CV”: accuracy, patience and productivity.

To create a large Logo, you need a clear concept, a laptop, a pen and, finally, excellent software. The software that I would recommend and any other Logo Designer is Adobe Illustrator, as it comes with the best tools to create the perfect logo.

To merge graphics with branding, you need to Start With Your Design Inspiration. As an artist, you will see Inspiration in everything you see. The trick is to grab it and transmit it correctly.

For example, a company called ‘Circle’ asked us to design your Logo. In this matter, I would take the shape’ circle ‘ as Inspiration for my Logo designs. I will create a series of Logos based on the elements of a circle and we will see how each Logo has a unique meaning in itself.

In the first design, I used the concept of contrast and alphabet. In doing so, I turned the ‘C’ of the ‘circle’ into an actual circle shape such that it represents both the elements of the shape and the Alphabet. To clean the Logo and give it a clearer meaning, I changed the color of the smaller bow, making the ” C ” shape more prominent.

This step was necessary, otherwise the observer could have confused the “C”with an “O”. The writing of this logo means professionalism and sophistication.

Now we go to technology. Suppose the company has a website and you are happy to stay in constant contact with your customers. One of my favorite icons is the RSS Feed icon, and to meet the needs of the company, you can integrate the design of an RSS feed into the Logo. I did the same in my next Design where I played around with the circle a bit and converted it into an RSS icon.

You can create any type of Logo as the possibilities are endless. If our imaginary company ‘Circle’ is a restaurant chain, I can meet your logo needs by inserting a fork image that puts things on the culinary side. If you have not noticed in all these Logos, the modified ” C ” of the circle still looks like the Alphabet. As I said, This was important, because our main focus should always be on the name and typography of the company. You should never compromise on the police.

Creativity knows no limits. Never stop yourself from experimenting with all kinds of designs. Always go beyond what you think. Experimentation is the most fundamental and important step.

In the following Logo, I created the simplest Design. You can see that the simpler the design, the more you will get out of it. Whatever happens, you should not go beyond the limit, behind the complication and secondary betrayal.

You can merge your designs with a number of things around you. As in the following Logo, I merged headphones with my Deity, as if representing a musical Company. If the company produced automobiles, we could precisely merge shape and function by making the two C wheels.

I created all these themes in Adobe Illustrator, which is arguably the best tool for vector design. In the design of these Logos, I merged my Inspiration, the “circle”, with some of the basic Designs that represent a certain class of companies.

These Logos are just text-based Logos, which are the simplest Logo designs. If you want to learn the art of Logo design, you should always try to see what goes beyond the actual design. In this article, I pointed out how you can take inspiration from almost anything to create something original and manipulate a single Design into several.

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